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Texas Caviar

Texas Caviar

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No, this traditional Texan dish doesn’t contain any fish eggs. Texas caviar is a black-eyed pea or bean-based dip, full of color and texture from chopped bell pepper, tomato, onion, and herbs. It also doubles as a side salad or a topper for simply seared fish. Go ahead and make the dip in advance; it tastes even better the next day. We love the size and texture of pinto beans here, but any bean would work. For more Mexican flair, swap the parsley for cilantro, add a diced avocado, and toss in a simple lime vinaigrette.

How to Make It

Combine first 6 ingredients in a large bowl. Combine oil and next 6 ingredients (through onion powder) in a bowl. Add oil mixture to bean mixture; toss. Serve with chips.

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