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What to gift the hostess with the mostess? We have a few ideas.

Our Favorite Hostess Gifts

Whether a birthday party, holiday gathering, or Thanksgiving extravaganza—every hostess deserves a little token of gratitude. Not to mention, it is a sure fire way to keep your name on the guest list for years to come.

Beekman 1802 After the Garden Goat Milk Soap

Any green-thumbed hostess will love this soap from the gentlemen farmers behind Planet Green's "Fabulous Beekman Boys." It is handmade with exfoliating poppy seeds to get the grit off.

Price: $10

Shop: Beekman 1802

Creative Women Geo Place Mats and Napkins

For a gift that gives more than what meets the eye. These 100-percent cotton, fair-trad Geo place mats and napkins are made in Ethiopia and support women's economic independence.

Price: $8-$12

Shop: Creative Women

Smart Glass Jewelry "Open" Circle Necklace

In an earlier incarnation, this "Open" circle necklace from Atlanta-based Smart Glass Jewelry was a wine bottle. Show in sage with sterling silver chain.

Price: $82

Shop: Smart Glass Jewelry

Curve Tall Tea Mug with Infuser and Lid

The Curve Tall Tea Mug comes with a strainer and lid (or coaster), all in one delightful package.

Price: $24


Chicken Salt and Pepper Cellar Set

Each pewter set is hand-forged in Metal Morphosis' Georgia studio.

Price: $54

Shop: The Villager

NotNeutral Hurricane Lanterns

Light up the night with colorful mini lanterns.

Price: $28/set of 2

Shop: notNeutral

These Creatures Bird on a Branch Feeder

The birds can’t miss this powder-coated steel Seattle-made feeder.

Price: $89

Shop: These Creatures

Garden Markers

2 x 2-inch tumbled marble markers keep your cilantro and parsley straight—in pretty fashion.

Price: $9 each

Shop: Marblecoasters.com

Raffia and Straw Placemats

Rustic woven raffia place mats take up less space, so they’re great for smaller tables.

Price: $64 (set of 4)

Shop: Pomegranate Inc.

IceMilk Aprons Rollings of Cinnamon Apron

IceMilk takes the apron trend from frilly to sleek with this lovely linen number. Each comes packaged in a canning jar.

Price: $85

Shop: IceMilk Aprons

Dwell Studio Cocktail Napkins

You can never have too many cocktail napkins (mainly because ironing them is such a chore). Add to your hostess' collection with one--or more--of Dwell Studio's designs.

Price: $28/4 napkins

Shop: Dwell Studio

ZenDeluxe Apron

We think this is the cutest apron ever! 100 percent cotton layers of ruffly balinese prints are flouncy fun.

Price: $32

Shop: ZenDeluxe

Studio Patró Tea Towels

"We design tea towels" is this single-minded company's slogan, and we love the tea towels they design. Modern patterns and colors, even peace symbols, there is a towel that will fit each hostess to a "tea."

Price: $42/set of 2

Shop: Studio Patró

Alice Supply Co. Bucket

A bucket—as a hostess gift? If you think we are crazy, think again. Filled with pretty tissue paper and your favorite little luxuries (think pretty soaps, a few magazines, or even a homemade pedicure kit) this will be a thoughtful gift that your hostess will love dipping into once the last guest has bid adieu.

Price: $36

Shop: Alice Supply Co.

Alphabet Napkin Rings

For the hostess who is always looking for creative touches to add to her next gathering, these porcelain napkin rings might be the ticket. Formal placecards can become tired, but vibrant lettered rings breathe new life into traditional pre-arranged seating.

Price: $12

Shop: Dinner-Ware.com

Anthropologie Bowls

Printed inside and out with red, blue, or green cornflowers, pale blue daisies, or red and green geometric patterns, these Anthropologie bowls look lovely whether they are full or empty.

Price: $8-$24

Shop: Anthropologie

Rock Scissor Paper Coasters

These recycled-paper coasters are fun for a party, then ready to be recycled again.

Price: $8.50/12 coasters

Shop: Rock Scissor Paper

Eva Hand Painted Tiffin

Show up to a get-together with this four-tiered Tiffin box full of treats, and a return invitation is all but guaranteed.

Price: $129

Shop: Nkuku

John Robshaw Textiles Tea Towels

Luxurious silk and cotton tea towels from textiles tastemaker John Robshaw.

Price: $25

Shop: John Robshaw Textiles

Olivina Napa Valley Hand Crème

James Beard Award-winning cookbook authro Susan Costner-Kenward makes luscious hand creams in a variety of natural scents.

Price: $18/2.5 ounces

Shop: Olivina Napa Valley

Tikoli Tea Towels

Bright retro-mod look, budget-friendly price. Like the patterns? Download to your desktop for free.

Price: $10/each

Shop: Tikoli

Potting Shed Creations Bamboo Grow Box Kits

Each of Potting Shed Creations' bamboo grow box kits contains organic soil, seeds, and a sustainable container. Available in 8 varieties, including basil.

Price: $20

Shop: Potting Shed Creations

Picnic Plus Eco Picnic Basket for Two

Each natural willow Picnic Plus Eco basket has a pair of bamboo plates and utensils, a cutting board, and two wineglasses made from recycled glass.

Price: $106

Shop: Cooking.com

Daub & Bauble Soaps

Warm, citrusy scents and pretty packaging to match with soaps from Daub & Bauble.

Price: $9/16-ounce dish

Shop: eBubbles

Potting Shed Creations Grow Bottles

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