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Root & Bone: A Must-Visit Fried Chicken Spot in NYC

Root & Bone: A Must-Visit Fried Chicken Spot in NYC

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Flour, water, salt, chicken, and lard are just the beginning when it comes to fried chicken

Root & Bone offers some of the best fried chicken in New York City.

If you thought the most important things you need to try in New York City are its pizza and its bagels, think again.

Here’s the deal: as with its burgeoning barbecue scene, New York has quickly (and finally, if you ask many transplanted Southerners and Texans living in the Big Apple) developed a more-than-respectable fried chicken scene. Give a nod to Pies ‘n Thighs for really kick-starting the trend, and then note what former Miami Yardbird chef Jeff McInnis and Australian Top Chef alum Janine Booth are doing in Alphabet City at one of the city’s most sought-after fried chicken spots, Root & Bone.

This sweet-tea-brined, pickled lemon dusted crispy fried chicken with spiked Tabasco honey may sound super “New York,” but it’s really just a really well-executed, slightly-fancy version of a classic dish. This is the kind of thing people talk about and create a destination around, and with good reason.

Want to learn more about the best fried chicken in New York, or better yet, across America? Check out The Daily Meal's list of the America's 50 Best Fried Chicken Spots.

Watch the video: Openings: Root u0026 Bone Brings Refined Southern Fare to NYC


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