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Strawberry and strawberry cake

Strawberry and strawberry cake

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We prepare the strawberries for the beginning. They are washed, cut in half with a knife, put in a bowl over which we put two tablespoons of sugar. We put them aside.

Top: Eggs are separated from the yolks. Whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt. Add the sugar one by one, spoon by spoon until a consistent meringue results. The yolks are mixed with water and oil, put over the egg whites. It mixes well.

We remove the targets and continue the operation with a wooden spoon. Add sifted flour and mix with baking powder. Incorporate it spoon by spoon and mix from the bottom up. Take a rectangular yenna tray, grease it with butter well. Pour the dough, smooth it well and at the end put the strawberries and strawberries, evenly. Bake the cake for about 40 minutes on low heat. The toothpick test is done.

Turn off the heat and leave the cake in the oven with the door open for about 5-7 minutes. Remove the tray and powder with powdered sugar.

Most strawberry species have a long flowering period. flowers these are small consisting of 5 white petals.
Strawberries multiply by shoots. The strawberry bush consists of multiple branches, climbers.

fruit it is smaller than ordinary strawberries. Strawberries have color Red, are juicy and have an intense aroma. But there are also some varieties of strawberries whose fruits they have color yellow or whitish, when fully ripe.

Strawberry, raspberry or strawberry tarts

1 packet nilie
For the rest of the filling, fruits are used:

raspberries or strawberries sprinkled with rum
The dough is prepared according to recipe 636. The tarts can be baked 1-2 days before use, but they are filled only 2-3 hours before serving, because otherwise the tart baskets will soften and crumble.
To prepare the nilie cream, rub the eggs with the sugar, add the flour and thin it with a little cold milk, and then pour the rest of the hot milk into which the nilated sugar has been added. Continue to mix on the fire, until the cream boils and thickens. Then take it aside and mix the cream until it cools, then fill the tarts with it up to 3/4 of the height. Place the washed and sprinkled fruit with rum over the cream. Finally, powder with powdered sugar.

Fruit cake

Rub the butter until it becomes like a cream. Put the crushed sugar and always rub with butter. Add one egg yolk, rubbing after each. When we finished rubbing the yolks, sprinkle a pinch of salt, baking powder and rub before. Add the grated peel, a little vanilla powder and the beaten egg whites. Pour the flour, a little at a time, mixing well with a spoon and finally by hand.

We choose a round or rectangular shape and grease it with melted and ground butter. We put all the dough in it. Bake at the right heat, as for the cake.

When it is baked, take the cake out of the mold and place it on a plate. After it has cooled, grease it with a strawberry or strawberry syrup, bound as for jam, otherwise the cake will soften.

We clean the fruits: raw strawberries, strawberries or raspberries, we wash them, we let them drain well. Before serving, place the fruit over the cake, in a thick layer and serve.

For a strawberry cake, we put strawberry syrup and for one with strawberries, strawberry syrup.


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